dimanche 12 février 2017


New Eskr One Album :DOOMSAYERS
Drop Date:14th February:
Album Review :

Eskr One is one of Underground hiphop’s finest Emcees’, On the 14Th Feb 2017 comes the Canadian’s brand new album called “Doomsayers”,
Eskr has played his cards close to his chest with this album with no pre-release tracks. Since Eskr’s last full album Immortal Combat in early 2016, he has gone about adjusting his style, it is noticeable for sure, but he still carries through is unique word play that he is so renowned for .
Doomsayer  album is produced by Plague Magician, and the album has it all, Gritty medieval style beats, rhymes and cutz  plus  an epic line up of fellow underground hip-hop  warriors , Excellent.
So get your copy, press play, TURN IT UP and Enjoy.

Cover Art: Mark Savona
Cover Edit : DJ Rhum1
Produced by: Plague Magician

Reviewer: Seanmckt , undergroundhardcorerap.blogspot.fr

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